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President’s Christmas Message

This Christmas Message comes on the heels of the death of a revolutionary icon – Mr. Nelson Mandela.   An inspirational individual who achieved what seemed to be highly improbable.  The dismantling of the diabolical system of Apartheid is Mandela’s singular achievement.  Mandela’s faith and resoluteness were critical to this outcome.   His spirituality superseded his human […]

Women’s Committee Condemns Attack on Women

DAT’s Public Relations Officer and  Women’s Committee Member- Ms.  Juanita Carbon The Status of Women’s Committee of the Dominica Association of Teachers strongly condemns the recent acts of violence committed against women in the Portsmouth area. 69 year old Daisy Christmas and 34 year old Gloria Celestine lost their lives as a result. A Ross […]

Father, Father-Figure Day

 [portfolio_slideshow id=530]   In a massive show of support fathers  and father figures of students attending the St. Martin Primary School turned out in large numbers to participate in an activity to highlight the role of fathers in the education of their children. The activity formed part of the school’s activities to observe Literacy Week […]

Celia is CUT’s Second Vice President

President of the Dominica Association of Teachers, Mrs. Celia Nicholas is now the 2nd Vice President of the Caribbean Union of Teachers.  Mrs. Nicholas was elected to the post at the 35th Biennial Conference of the CUT held in Christchurch Barbados.  It is said that “the reward for work well done is More Work”.  Mrs. […]

DAT Celebrates CUT’s 75th Anniversary

The Dominica Association of Teachers invites you to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Caribbean Union of Teachers. The Dominica Association of Teachers is an affiliate of the Caribbean Union of Teachers. All affiliates have been given the mandate to observe the 75th Anniversary of the Caribbean Union of Teachers with a church service on […]

Teacher Centenarian Honoured

One hundred year old former teacher Mrs. Rita Cuffy Desabaye of Pichelin, Dominica was honoured on October 05, 2010 – World Teachers’ Day  for her outstanding contribution to education in the commonwealth of Dominica. Mrs. Desabaye or Teacher Cuffy as she is affectionately called was the proud recipient of a beautifully designed marble plaque from […]

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