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Banner  In a massive show of support fathers  and father figures of students attending the St. Martin Primary School turned out in large numbers to participate in an activity to highlight the role of fathers in the education of their children.

The activity formed part of the school’s activities to observe Literacy Week and was held on Thursday, April 25, 2013.

The day began with fathers conducting the general assembly – selected and raised their songs, did their readings, said their prayers and made their announcement.

Then it was off to work.  Some fathers gave lectures, others repaired desks and benches with assistance from their children of course,  while others were in the garden with the 4-Her’s, others were in the kitchen, in fact father could be seen all over the school doing something to enhance to school.

In the afternoon, it was fun and frolic. Fathers, daughter and teachers played a wide variety of games; Dominos, Scrabbles, Chess, Hop Scotch, Cricket, Rounders to name a few.

The activity was organised in conjunction with the Status of Women’s Committee of the Dominica Association of Teachers and according to the chair of the Committee, the Activity far exceeded their expectations and the fathers really need to be commended for the manner in which they took off with the idea.  Kudos!  Fathers of the St. Martin Primary School.



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