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MajoThis Christmas Message comes on the heels of the death of a revolutionary icon – Mr. Nelson Mandela.   An inspirational individual who achieved what seemed to be highly improbable.  The dismantling of the diabolical system of Apartheid is Mandela’s singular achievement.  Mandela’s faith and resoluteness were critical to this outcome.   His spirituality superseded his human frailty.  “With God all things are possible”, this scriptural line enabled Mandela.  His human spirit steeped in God, allowed him to not only see the promise land but live in it.

For Christians, the Christmas season is generally awaited with much expectation.  The reason for the season justifies this expectancy.  Among the Christians who acknowledge the birth of Christ there are those who share their misgivings about when and where Jesus was born.   They propose that the birth of our Saviour could not have occurred in the manger with the prevailing environmental conditions of December.  Of course, we identify the pre-eminence of human reasoning.   The belief “With God all things are possible” becomes oblivious.

The birth of Christ was pre planned.  The presence of God and our co-operating spirit suffice for the impossible to become possible.

This Christmas, let us think a little less of ourselves.   Rather than expecting gifts, let us give more of ourselves for the well being of others.  For it is in losing ourselves that we find fulfillment.  Let us offer help to the many among us who are experiencing hardships and an unexpected course of life.  I think of all our teachers and others who are battling cancer.  I name Aisha Mark who is presently in critical condition at the Princess Margaret Hospital.  Aisha, the Christ Child whose birth we are celebrating can reverse your condition.   Teachers and well wishers continue your caring and sharing, virtues which characterize this time of year.

On behalf of the National Executive and members of the Dominica Association of Teachers, I wish all a Christmas season and New Year filled with faith and Godly strength.

Mrs. Celia Nicholas (M.S.A.) – President- Dominica Association of Teachers.


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