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President of the Dominica Association of Teachers, Mrs. Celia Nicholas is now the 2nd Vice President of the Caribbean Union of Teachers.  Mrs. Nicholas was elected to the post at the 35th Biennial Conference of the CUT held in Christchurch Barbados.  It is said that “the reward for work well done is More Work”.  Mrs. Nicholas, who has a long history of excellence, commitment, dedicated and outstanding service to the DAT, the CUT and the Teaching Profession in the region was also  elected to the Office of Deputy Chairperson of the Status of Women’s Committee of the CUT.

The National Executive and all members of the Dominica Association of Teachers join me in congratulating Mrs. Nicholas on her election to these prestigious offices at the Caribbean Union of Teachers.  We are confident that your experience and excellent work ethics will make you a shining example as you execute your duties.

The Dominica Association of Teachers also offers sincerest congratulations to the President and all the other newly elected officers of the Executive Committee of the Caribbean Union of Teachers.  May God Bless You Richly!

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