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AwardPresident of the Dominica Association of Teachers and Principal of the Dominica Community High School – Mrs. Celia Nicholas has captured yet another award in what has become a very long, decorated and distinguished career in Education. She has been recognized by many local, regional and international organizations and institutions for her outstanding contribution to education as a Teacher, a Principal and Trade Unionist.
Mrs. Nicholas’ most recent exploit was capturing the award for the “Most Outstanding Principal for Secondary Schools – 2014”. She won the award at the National Excellence in Education Awards Ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development held on Wednesday, October 01, 2014 at the Arawak House of Culture.

Mrs. Nicholas received the award on the account of her excellent Management and Leadership skills.

The National Executive and the rank and file members of the Dominica Association of Teachers extend sincerest congratulations to Mrs. Celia NicholaCertis (M.S.A.,  E.E.A.).

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