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On December 19th the Dominica Association of Teachers took its services to members to another level with the launching of a BLOG.

The BLOG came at the request of President Mrs. Celia Nicholas. She insisted that persons who benefited from two recent training programmes organized by the EI Regional Office based in St. Lucia and headed by Mrs. Virginia Albert Poyotte give back to the Union.  Participants were required to show in practical ways, how their improved capacity as a result of the training can positively impact on the Union’s activities – the BLOG being one of them.

DAT’s BLOG will be managed by Mr. Marcus Blondel – Trustee and Ms. Juanita Carbon – Public Relations Officer with assistance from Ms. Royette Riley – Assistant Treasurer and Mrs. Shakina Dorival – 2012 Young Leaders Trainee.

The BLOG is expected to attract comments on a wide range of educational matters from teachers locally, regionally and internationally.


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