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When the DAT Spelling BEE continued today, the Newtown Primary School walked away with top honours.  Only three schools competed out of a possible thirteen.  In the end, the Newtown Primary School came first with Giraudel Primary in a close second and in third place the Soufriere Primary School.  Newtown Primary has qualified for the finals.

Scorer of the most points was Kezia Winston of the Newtown Primary School.

Faith Shillingford – Soufriere Primary School

Ms. Caryll Fontaine – Chief Judge. Giving some points to Teachers and Students

Officials in discussion. Southern District Preliminaries

Gehazi Belle and Dante Lataille from Giraudel Primary

Faith Shillingford and Joseph Jervier from Soufriere Primary School

Top Speller- Southern District Kezia Winston

Kezia Winston and Janiyah Moody – Newtown Primary

Previous Salisbury Primary Hosts First Prelim.

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