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The 2024 Dominica Association of Teachers (DAT) Spelling Bee began today. The first preliminary competition was held at the Salisbury Primary School for schools in the West Education District.

Participants came from: the Christian Union Primary School, Coulibistrie Primary School, Goodwill Primary School, Kelleb John Laurent Primary School, Salisbury Primary School and the St. Mary’s Primary.

After two rounds of keen competition, it was the team of Omar Grell and Carlisle Harris from the St. Mary’s Primary who emerged tops and therefore off to the finals.

The final results were as follows:

Salisbury Primary School 6th
Kaleb Laurent Primary School 5th
Coulibistrie Primary School 4th
Christian Union Primary School 3rd
Goodwill Primary School 2nd
St. Mary’s Primary 1st

Outstanding performances came from Eden Nesty from the Christian Union Primary with 130  points, Khizach Benjamin from the Goodwill Primary, Omar Grell and Carlisle Harris of the    St. Mary’s Primary all with 140 points. The Top Speller of the competition was Caleb George from the Coulibistrie Primary School who amassed a total of 170 points.

The Spelling Bee is being sponsored for the third consecutive year by Macmillan Caribbean.  Thank You Macmillan!!!

Congratulations to ALL Participants!

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