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Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development –

Mr. Stephenson Hyacinth made a passionate plea for school administrators and teachers to adopt a new approach to teaching and learning in September 2012.

The CEO was at the time addressing the Opening Ceremony of the annual Dominica Association of Teachers/Ministry of Education & Human Resource Development/Canadian Teachers Federation Summer Workshop 2012.

Mr. Hyacinth called on Principals and Teachers to adopt an approach of excellence, Innovation and Creativity in the new school year.  He called on all stakeholders to embrace the Ministry’s new vision which he said is “Every Child Succeeds”.   He said that principals need to adopt a “no excuse for lack of performance” approach from teachers.

 The Chief Education Officer also called on parents to speak to and with their children.  He said that the ministry will adopt a Zero Tolerance Policy on violent behaviour at schools.  Mr. Hyacinth said that the violent and deviant behaviours at schools are reflections of what happens in the wider society and called on parents to ensure that they work with the schools to create an environment that is safe and conducive for teaching and learning.

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