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Some twenty young female teachers from across the island of Dominica successfully completed a one week training workshop on Friday January 22, 2021.

The workshop which was organized by the Status of Women’s Committee of the Dominica Association of Teachers had as its theme: “Empowering Women to Create a Sustainable Environment during Periods of Adversity and Crisis” was held using a blended approach – a combination of online and face to face modalities.

All participants had high praise for the workshop claiming that the sessions were relevant and timely.

Among the topics explored were:

Financial Awareness and Money Management  Skills Dr. Valda Henry
Understand the Business Environment during Periods of Adversity and Crisis   Mr. Donald  Bercasio
Improving ones  Mental, Emotional  and Physical Wellness during Periods of Adversity or Crisis   Dominica Association of Health and  Wellness: Nathalie Charles, Dafrica Thomas, Martha Cuffy, Dr. Taylor, Terri Henry
Marketing and Promotion  of product: Developing a Marketing Plan and Portfolio    Miss Nadia Riviere
Building  Capacity and Leadership Skills in   Future Women Union Leaders   Miss Isabella Prentice
Building Leadership Capacity among Women  in Male Dominated  Professions   Mrs. Yvonne Alexander
Developing  Resilience and the Ability to Cope with Stress during Periods of Crisis (Strategies  and Coping Mechanism during periods of Crisis) Mrs. Jo-Anne Rolle Carrette
Developing Entrepreneurial Skills and  A Business   Portfolio   Miss Rosamund Rolle


The Workshop was funded by Educational International (EI) through the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT).  DAT expresses its profound gratitude to EI and CUT for their contribution towards the professional development of our teachers.

Kudos to Ms. Vania Martin, Mrs. Kathleen Cornelius, Ms. Juanita Carbon and Ms. Catherine Robinson for planning and implementing an excellent workshop.  Well Done Sisters! Woman Power!  Respect!

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